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Floors International’s professional approach has led to the company now offering a total solution by including in its Product portfolio the following:

Healthcare facilities have special flooring requirements, which need to be based around the following factors: high traffic areas, safety, comfort, and infection control requirements of these facilities. Our durable healthcare flooring solutions are specially designed to contribute to patient recovery and medical staff efficiency. We are committed in offering sustainable flooring solutions that respect the environment and contribute to health and well-being of the patients and care staff.


Flooring plays a key role by providing benefits to the workforce such as improved air quality, sound control, comfort and light reflection, which contributes to better productivity within the organisation. Our portfolio of flooring solutions in carpet tiles and modular vinyl can provide limitless design possibilities and opportunities to enhance brand identity, as well as offer inspiring transitions from one area to another. Different textures, designs and colours can be used to create walkways and working area spaces.


From restaurants and hotel lobbies to luxury bedrooms, flooring provides a rich experience of design, comfort and luxury. Showcase your brand through a selection of colours and designs across a range of products in vinyl and luxury carpet. Create spaces with luxury products that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and durable.


Educational facilities are built around the needs of the students by creating spaces that are comfortable, clean and long-lasting and that contribute to a better learning environment. We offer different flooring solutions suitable for classrooms, sports halls, laboratories and other educational facilities. We are committed to providing sustainable solutions that meet the highest standards in accessibility, hygiene and indoor air quality.


It is important for retail business to stand out and capture the consumers attention. With our basket of products, we are able to enhance our clients brand and identity through a wide range of design, colour and texture options by mixing different ranges and designs to create a flooring experience. This can be done through different flooring options in luxury vinyl planks, and vinyl sheeting—we can help you find the best option to make that lasting impression.


Flooring plays a contributory role in fitness areas by providing solutions to different stages of athletic performance from fun and leisurely activities to more stringent competition-level sports. We are serious in specifying the product ranges that comply with the safety of the athlete, comfort underfoot and enhancing the athletic performance. Ranging from vinyl, linoleum to rubber surfaces, we offer a full range of sports solutions to fulfil the needs of all levels of practice.


Our vibrant team of consultants work closely on each project with the architects, designers, quantity surveyors, flooring contractors and the end client to ensure a smooth transition from inception of a project to completion.


We provide tailor made packages based on our client’s needs and demands.

High quality flooring for all market segments